Chili Verdict (from our meeting on Tuesday)

So, at our meeting, we tasted two kinds of chili to decide which one would be used at the UTA Homecoming Chili Bowl this Friday. :) One was my recipe, and one was Char’s. 

The verdict: mine was voted to have the better texture, and Char’s was voted to have more of a spicy kick (what they look for in a chili contest, for sure!).

So we are going to combine the recipes, using Char’s spices and my ingredient composition, to create THE ULTIMATE VEGAN CHILI. 

We should have named it “ULTIMATE VEGAN CHILI” (yes, with caps), but we had to submit a name last week and “Chili de Compasion con Las Habas (aka Boss Bean Chili)” won. The rules for the chili contest state that any chili with beans HAS to have “beans” in the chili name. Wtf, I don’t even know. Isn’t it more important to make sure that common allergens should be labeled?

"Actually, they should just have all the ingredients listed for every chili at the contest. Haha that was such a vegan thing to say!" But seriously…LABEL ALL THE INGREDIENTS!

Anyway, where was I going with this post…oh yes, we are going to win the chili bowl. :)